We at World Shakers Live care! We really do!

Being in the field, we realised that many in this extended period has no income or cannot work due to the Levels of lockdown.

Many would still like to join World Shakers as members and enjoy the benefits, but just cannot afford the monthly membership fee until they can produce an income. Benefits include the weekly videos, the trainings as well as our very popular Network Business Brunches where you can meet like minded professionals and promote your business (currently via Skype).

During this Lockdown period we at World Shakers Live decided to waiver monthly membership fees for those who do not have an income or work for a salary. This is how it works:

If you currently do not earn a salary and you cannot produce an income, you can become a member for only R250 (annual admin fee). When you complete the registration form you can tick the checkbox to waiver your monthly subscription fee till the 2nd month after the lockdown period ends.  You will still be asked to complete your debit order details but rest assured WE WILL NOT DEBIT YOUR ACCOUNT UNTIL THE AGREED PERIOD.

Now World Shakers Live is built on respect, honesty and trust, so if you do earn your full salary please leave the checkbox unchecked.

Terms and Conditions of Lockdown Special:

  • If you do waiver your monthly membership fee you WILL NOT receive ANY commissions until your debit order is active. This includes your R250 once off commission per personal sign up, as well as your R100 per person monthly referral commission.
  • If you do pay your monthly subscription you will be entitled to your FULL COMMISSIONS.
  • If you pay your monthly membership fee your commissions will include your R250 once of referral commission per personal signup even if they waiver their monthly subscription.
  • You will also receive your R100 monthly referral commission for any person who does pay their monthly subscription fee in your network 4 levels deep.

Now more than ever we need to connect, support and network in every area possible. Please do feel free to chat to the person that introduced you to World Shakers Live if you have any questions regarding this special. We are looking forward to welcome you as a new member of this amazing family, tribe and organisation!

Yours in service.

William Baden.