World Shakers Live



What is WorldShakers Live?

World Shakers Live (WSL) consists of a unique group of achievers that live a life of authenticity and excellence. They are given the World Shakers Live platform in order to grow themselves in the areas of ‘personal and business development’; and drive like-minded individuals to do the same. We believe in living a life of purpose, shaping our destiny, and leaving a legacy.

Whether it is in their community, town, city or country; each person can make an impact on the world around them. Steve Jobs said that the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.

World Shakers Live is more than an organization; it’s a community, a family. It’s a gathering of leaders and mentors, a gathering of people that are hungry for success. A gathering of lions; not sheep.

This is a community where you can chat, ask questions, and give input on the topics we cover; as well as attend live events and network brunches where you will be able to meet other World Shakers and share success stories.

World Shakers Live is also a mutli-level marketing internet business that produces residual income, paid within 30 days, built on proven world-class coaching.

What will I receive when I join World Shakers Live?

You will receive 3 x 5 minute videos a week. We will focus on two core areas: Life and Business. Life is centered on relationships, health, fitness, hobbies, friendships; it’s about raising kids, balancing family and work, and daily stresses and pressure; but most of all, it’s about personal growth and personal mastery. Life is about YOU and YOUR world.

On the other hand we have Business; this focuses on money; it’s about entrepreneurship, marketing, management, sales, growth, startups, finding the perfect job. It’s about social media, branding, ideas. Business is all about success.

So our videos and events are all about Life and Business. We will invite experts, specialists in their respective fields, have interviews, and most importantly have some questions and answers, and personal guidance.

How do I join World Shakers Live?

Once you have paid you’re R250 admin fee, your account will be set up and you will be added to the secret Facebook Group. You will also be added to our YouTube channel. All the videos will be on both these accounts as well as in your back office. We will be in touch regarding live events and business brunches.

Can I share the product videos on social media?

The product videos are not allowed to be shared in any form on any social media platforms including blogs.

World Shakers Live will supply marketing material which you can share on all social media to create interest and curiosity to get them to join World Shakers live.


Is World Shakers Live a ‘pyramid scheme’?

No it’s not! World Shakers Live has a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity. Also known as a Network Marketing Opportunity. A ‘pyramid scheme’ is usually an offering of a huge once-off investment with no product or service, claiming to give you back unrealistic returns. World Shakers Live offers a service three times a week in the form of Coaching/Training. Coaching/Training is the service that you will receive for your membership of R600.  The coaching and training is also market related. The added bonus is that you can take advantage of the business opportunity to earn a residual income.

Do I have to give up my job to build my World Shakers Live business?

NO! The beauty of this business is that you build it part time until you can replace your salary, and then you go full time to build your empire. In Jim Rohn’s words ‘I’m working full time on my job and part time on my fortune!’

If I am a part of another network marketing or multi-level marketing company, am I permitted to join World Shakers Live?

Absolutely. World Shakers Live is an offering that anyone, and everyone, can benefit from. The Coaching/Training on offer is invaluable and will compliment any other training. In fact, these coaching skills will help you GROW your other MLM business!

And not only that, the skills we teach you will help you better yourself in every area of your life! Our goal is to give 10 000 people across the country an opportunity to change their lives – with skills and money!

Who is responsible for my taxes?

You are responsible for your own taxes. We will provide you with a statement with your commission each month – this is your business and it is up to you to run it within the laws of our country.

What if I don’t have a Sponsor so therefore don’t have a Sponsor’s  Membership Number to register?

If you do not have a Sponsor you can contact World Shakers Live at and we will allocate a Sponsor to you.

Can I change Sponsors once I have signed up?

No. Once you have signed up under a Sponsor you cannot move to another Sponsor’s network.  Cross-networking is NOT allowed. If anyone approaches anyone in someone else’s network to move or join their network, their membership will be cancelled immediately.

If I resign from WSL, how long will I not be able to join the network again?

If you resign from World Shakers Live you will not be able to join within 3 months. If you had any people in your network, the system will move them up in your Sponsors Network.

Spam. How does it work?

If you have a really big email database we recommend that you do not send out more than 300 emails every hour over a 24 hour period. The consequence of not heeding our caution is that you may be identified as a spammer and as a result you may lose many possible opportunities. You can register with Mail Chimp (


What is the Annual Admin Fee?

The Annual Admin Fee is activate your Membership, setting up your Membership number, emailing to you your ‘pitch video’, which is your marketing tool, giving you access to viewing your business at any time in any country world-wide 7 days a week, and ensuring that you have a monthly statement clearly showing you how many people you’ve signed up and what commission you’ve earned for the month.

On the day you sign up, R250 will be debited from your account either on its own or combined with your membership fee – your choice. As soon as this payment is received you are a member of World Shakers Live and you will receive your marketing tools and Membership Number, meaning that you are live – you have just opened for business and can immediately start referring people to World Shakers Live, wasting no time in making your money!


What is my total investment in the first month and then every month thereafter?

R250 Annual Admin Fee (once off each year)


R600 for your Membership



R600 per month for your Membership

When I sign up how does my payment work?

Admin Fee:

A R250 Admin Fee will be payable immediately to activate your membership.

Card Payments (Credit Cards, Cheque Cards and Debit Cards)

Our payment system is through PayGate and offers a recurring card payment system.

Once you have paid the R250 Admin Fee, you will be asked to complete your banking details for your account to be debited.

Payments run at the end of each month.

Can you debit R600 for the product from a certain account number and then pay commissions into the same account, or another account, depending on what suits the member?

Yes we can.


Where does the money that pays commissions come from?

Out of the R600 that is debited each month, R400 is set aside for commissions. This is paid out to your upline, 4 levels up. Everybody knows that the best form of advertising is word of mouth and instead of spending thousands and thousands of Rand on conventional marketing and advertising, we choose to reward those that advertise for us.

If I miss a payment, am I still eligible for my commissions?

No, you will not be eligible for any commissions. We will give you a ‘grace’ period of 2 days and then re-submit for payment. If once again the payment is returned, it is then your responsibility to deposit your monthly amount into our account. Should your payment come through before the cut-off date (7th of each month), you will be eligible for your commissions. This is YOUR business and the responsibility is YOURS to make sure that there is money in your account when the request for payment goes through.

If I miss one month’s payment and make it up after the cut-off date, will I then get the commissions owed to me?

No. The system compresses the downline and matrix of each member after the cut-off date to give each member maximum commission. You will only be eligible for commissions at the end of the following month.

What happens if a member in my business/downline skips a monthly payment?

You will not receive any commission from that member for that month. If the member has signed up people under him that have paid, our system will automatically compress your business tree and move them into his position so that you will always receive the maximum commissions. If he had not signed up any clients under him, you will just not receive your R100 commission for that month.

When will the commissions be paid?

Commissions will be paid 30 days after the end of each month. Say for example 100 clients were signed up in September, R10,000 in commissions will be paid into your account on 28 October.

How many members/downline do I have to have in my business before I get paid?

You get paid from the very first member you sign up. When your member’s monthly payment has been received, you will be paid a R100 commission into your account.

How does World Shakers Live’s commissions paid out compare to the top 30 multi-level marketing companies in the world?

On average the top 30 multi-level marketing companies in the world pay out 37.8% in commissions. World Shakers Live pays out 67% in commissions! This is a whopping 29.2% more than our competitors, AND guaranteed your expenses to run your World Shakers Live company, will be less than half that of any other multi-level marketing company. You benefit both ways.