The Origin

‘You were created on purpose, with a purpose, to manifest that purpose through you. Leaving a Legacy!’ – William Baden

It started with a thought; an idea; that became a dream; 22 years ago… And now it is here.

World Shakers Live (WSL) is a unique group of achievers that live a life of authenticity and excellence. They are given the WSL platform in order to grow themselves in the areas of ‘personal and business development’ and drive like-minded individuals to do the same. We believe in living a life of purpose, shaping our destiny, and leaving a legacy.

True-self is the foundation of our message. Beliefs create results and we have a firm understanding of what it means to breakthrough barriers within, to live a great life.


Let’s look at the name –  World Shakers Live

WORLD: Global, Globe, Planet, Sphere, Society, Domain, Territory, Realm – It is our place of in-habitation, where we live or dwell as people.

SHAKERS: Influencers, Change Makers, Disruptors, Initiators – People of energetic demeanor who initiate positive change and influence events.

LIVE: Happening in the now, Current, Present, Experience – An event or situation that is happening in real time, as we speak. To be present and experience it from a 1st person perspective.


We are not the status quo. We are not average. We are not sheep.

We are Kings and Queens. We are Greatness. We are Purpose. We are a Tribe. We are… World Shakers.