World Shakers Live

William Baden

‘You were created on purpose, with a purpose, to manifest that purpose through you. Leaving a Legacy!’ – William Baden

King. Father. Entrepreneur. Speaker and Coach.

True-self is the foundation of William’s message. Beliefs create results and William has a firm understanding of what it means to breakthrough barriers within, to live a great life.

He started his public career at the age of 17 when he appeared before 12 000 people. Since then William has founded and sold many successful companies. In 2008 William lost everything, facing bankruptcy and was over a million in debt. With his “never say day” attitude, he bounced back and is currently one of South Africa’s top and sought after Coaches and Speakers. He is currently the CEO of William Baden, Global Strengths (Life Coach Certification Centre) and soon launching the much anticipated World Shakers Live.

He is raw, real and says it as it is. One thing is certain and that is that William will always present truth in a way that makes sense to you and your model of the world.

Whether it is relationships, business, family or just plain old life, William is your go-to-man to inspire you to greatness.

In 2015 he shared the stage with BBC Dragon’s Den’s James Caan at the Millionaire-2-Billionaire event at Sandton City. In 2018 William was interviewed and dubbed as the “Rock Star Coach” by Entrepreneurmag SA.

He has studied under the leading human behaviour specialists in the world, Dr Tad James, Anthony Robbins, Dr John F Demartini and Dr Wayne Dyer. He is a qualified Master NLP Coach and Trainer, and is currently completing his PhD in Metaphysical Science.

William has worked with South Africa’s leading Companies, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, sports personalities and celebrities. The list is growing daily.

When he is not working (which is seldom), William loves spending time with his two epic kids – Lana and Jayden. In between being a father, he exercise, read, surf and enjoys a well-deserved round of golf.

William’s heart is with people, obsessed with greatness and will do whatever it takes to make it a reality.